Uncompromising Quality

Financial consulting and project solutions for business.

Why Compromise?

We know you live with many urgent demands on your time. Between your day job and new special projects, you still insist on having a life outside work! We get it. But when you're forced to choose between them, compromise seems inevitable? Until now.



How we help

We sit in-between a traditional staffing model and an advisory role. Our clients need more than entry level temps and they require high-level advisory services implemented in times of critical need. This is where we excel.



When you have a capacity problem or a sudden loss of a team member, you need to fill the role. But you can't just plug in an entry level worker. You need much more than that.




When you require vital, strategic advisory services you end up paying a hefty price. But while advisory firms can give you great advice, who does the implementation? 



If you need strategic advice that is implemented by top-talent, look no further. We work with clients just like you across dozens of industries to bring needed solutions.



We are part of Vaco, a nation-wide premier talent & solutions firm, that connects people to their dream jobs and helps leading companies find talent to grow their businesses. Yes, we can find you the talent you need!


Featured Services

We can do a lot. But these following areas give you a glimpse of how we guide businesses from dozens of sectors along a path to uncompromising quality.

Technical Accounting Solutions (TAS)

Are you a public or privately held entity with an accounting question you would like researched and documented before you present it to your auditor?  Need expert advising on technical accounting questions? 

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Lease Accounting

New lease accounting standard ASC 842 takes effect on January 1st, 2020 for non-public, calendar-year-end entities. Aventine Hill Partners’ consultants have technical accounting expertise to assist you with the adoption and implementation of this standard.

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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Can your company or department generate actionable and on-demand business data information when required by company decision-makers? Did you invest in a BI platform and dash-boarding tool but not yet realized real value? Are you looking at advanced BI tools and cloud offerings but find it difficult to select from the diverse offerings?

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Transaction Tax

Build a defense against transaction tax audits. Audits and state tax authorities can be complicated. But they don't have to be. Our seasoned team of transaction tax consultants will simplify the process and defend your business position.FREE CONSULTATION

Business & Technology

Modern business requires people, processes, and technology to all function inside a cohesive strategy. And if you work in business you know how hard this is to accomplish! You also know that technology selection, implementation and adoption are system-wide challenges. 

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CFO Partners Advisory 

Your business isn't rocket science, and neither is financial accounting. But if you don't know what a work-in-process, an accounts receivable aging, or a cash flow forecast is supposed to look like, much less use, it can feel like asking your book-keeper to land on the moon. Let our CFO advisors remove this burden from your shoulders. 

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Balance these three areas and you'll be the hero of the home and office. 


Day Job

You're a pro. You started a business or got hired to manage an area because you know how to get things done. Your daily schedule is full and responsibilities overflowing, but you manage to keep it all together without compromise. But what happens when something comes up at home or you get hit with a major change.

Special Projects

Your industry may be changing and with it come a slew of new regulations requiring new process and skills. You may be on either side of an M&A experience or have just discovered your CFO is departing. Special projects are a given. How you handle them, and whether or not they disrupt your business profitability is the question.  

Home Life

Let's face it, work is just that. Work. Home life is what brings meaning to our work. More and more business are discovering an imbalanced home-work life makes for less productive employees. So don't compromise your home life in the name of work. Everything will suffer!


Success Stories

Three areas where we have helped our clients bypass compromise and retain quality.

A national professional services firm had a complex legal and ownership structure. They decided to simplify and opted to execute a reverse merger to achieve the restructuring. They needed specialized accounting expertise to assure success 


While reviewing accounting and investment policies for their $1 billion investment portfolio, a privately held insurance company discovered they were facing control and compliance issues and needed help resolving them without compromise. 


Harold Spiegel, the founder of Preservation Tree Services, Dallas/Fort Worth’s premier professional tree care company, desired to sell his business and retire. Previous attempts to transition the business had not been completed.