Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Can your company or department generate actionable and on-demand business data information when required by company decision-makers? Did you invest in a BI platform and dashboarding tool but not yet realized real value? Are you looking at advanced BI tools and cloud offerings but find it difficult to select from the diverse offerings?

You're not alone. Thousands of businesses large and small are asking similar questions. Whether you're an emerging growth company or established industry leader, Aventine Hill Partners can work with your business leaders and IT experts to deliver tangible and immediate benefits.  


The Power of BI (1)

BI QuickStart

Aventine Hill Partners assists in all phases of the lifecycle for Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Our QuickStart Methodology will help you understand your options, value, and costs; and, accelerate access to the dashboards, analytics capabilities, and scalable solutions you need to support real time interactive business decision making.

Strategy and Roadmap

We will help you define a BI, analytics, and management reporting roadmap tailored to your business. We provide an independent analysis of benefits you can reasonably achieve and the total cost of ownership.

BI and Reporting Platforms

We will help you select the BI platforms and reporting tools that best fit your business needs, IT strategies, and budget. 

Data Analysis and KPI Specifications 

We will collaborate with your business and financial leaders to identify your critical metrics and KPIs. Our focus on actionable data and management reporting allows for better decision-making that's truly useful.

Dashboard and Reporting Implementation

We will assist in developing dashboards and reports using the BI tools best suited to your environment. Our consultants can be embedded in your business functions to accelerate progress on complex dashboards and reports; then provide knowledge transfer to your permanent employees who will manage the dashboards going forward. 

Project Management and Change Management

We will provide experienced project managers, business analysts, and change management consultants to help plan, organize, execute, and educate so your BI project delivers the desired value, on-time, and on-budget. 


One of our CIO Advisors or Business and Technology Practice Directors can perform an independent assessment to articulate your company’s unique business case for BI and Analytics, and recommend roadmap approaches that will fit your budget.

Our Business and Technology consulting team can utilize our BI QuickStart Methodology to deliver a scalable dashboard pilot using commonly available BI tools in one month or less.